September 7, 2010

Photos. Prehistory.

 It was the sunny July day. I finished read the book "Gone with the Wind".So the idea of creating this look came by itself :)Vintage cape with ruches and curly hair are lucky find :)

 This picture reflected joy of those few days of April.

The idea of this photo was turning in my head for a long time.Reincarnation.The belief that the soul is immortal is very impressive and mysterious.And transmigration of soul is even more incredible.Nobody proved reincarnation and nobody refuted it.So mystical and beautiful!Perfact photo entourage :)


  1. Алина- вы прелестны :)

  2. красивая сессия =) ты такая живая =) просто куча позитива на фотках =)

  3. very vibrant! how was "gone with..." Never read it, but I just finished "Hiparama of the classics" and the writings of wiliam blake which are a must read!



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