June 17, 2011

Hidden Place.

Music :  Bjork- It's Oh So Quiet

This is my favorite post now!
I'm just in love with these rose bushes.Sad that you can't hear them smell.It's just wonderful! And of course the dog! His name is Richard. The cutest Shepherd I've ever met!He's so funny and kind:)
Wonderful pastime, thanks to you guys!
Vintage all.

June 4, 2011



Well, summer begins!
I think I'm glad about that,but the heat of 30 degrees confuses :/

Lately I've been very busy,but this look spinning in my head for a really long time.
Orange boots and green shorts.Colors are really trendy this season. And T-shirt with a square neckline by Ann Harvey.
I hope you like this!

Boots - Blossеm Collection
 Shorts - Pull and Bear
T-shirt -Ann Harvey

Alina Хo
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